branded advantages

1. Brand Authorization and Use: Obtain the operating right of the brand in the agency area, and use the promotion of the company to enhance the influence and appeal of shops.
2. Regional protection: There is no cross reset in the business area.
3. Store brand image: Provide standard store design and decoration solutions to form a unified terminal brand image.
4, business counseling training: to provide franchisees shopping guide, business, service training.
5. Store Management Operation Support: Provides leading storefront management model and market operation strategy support.

Join conditions

1. Good brand management ability, agree with our business philosophy
2, have a long-term sense of brand experience
3. Sufficient funds and confidence to ensure the completion of the company's basic sales tasks
4. Create an image store that meets our standards and have a basic network of mature distributors.
5, have a certain degree of corporate management skills and team building experience
6, good after-sales service control ability, independent installation team, able to timely and properly handle customer complaints

Joining process

                         1. There is a franchise owner, which is the alliance owner of the franchise chain.
2. The alliance owner has the franchise, and the franchise can be products, services, business technology, trade names, labels, and other special forces that can bring business benefits.
3. The chiefs and affiliates use the contract as the main link.
4. The franchisee owns the shop and the shop owner is the owner of the shop.
5. The headquarters of the franchise must be operated in full accordance with the series of regulations of the head of the alliance and it has no operational autonomy.
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